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On July 2, 2009, Bishop Isaiah S. Williams Jr. was received home to be with the Lord. Daddy we will forever miss you, your spiritual guidance, your covering and your love as a Spiritual Father. Bishop Isaiah S. Williams Jr. was the Founder of Jesus People Ministries Church International, Inc., located in Miami, Florida. Together he and his wife Dr. Gloria Y. Williams, now the Senior Pastor of JPMCI, were pastors of JPMCI.


The Church has a progressively growing membership and an even larger number of partners throughout Florida, the United States and the World. The Church began in 1983 and is now a mega-church in the midst of an urban community. The heart of JPMCI is domestic and foreign missions outreach. Bishop Williams taught and proclaimed the truth of the uncompromising Word of God, with integrity, fervor and sound character. He operated in the ministry offices of Apostle, Prophet, Pastor and Teacher, with the manifestation of the gifts of the Spirit in operation. Bishop Williams served as an advocate for righteousness in many capacities. He was an accomplished author and an acclaimed conference speaker. Bishop Williams attended Miami Christian College and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He received a Bible Diploma from Dr. Lester Sumrall World Harvest Bible College. He also received an Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree from All Nations for Christ Institute International, previously an affiliate of Oral Roberts University; and an earned Doctor of Ministry Degree from Visions College.He served on several Boards of Ministries around the country.


Bishop Williams was elevated to the office of Bishop in April 1996 by the Azusa International Fellowship of Christian Churches and Ministries, Inc. (Tulsa, OK). He was the former Southeast Region Oversight Pastor for the Azusa Fellowship. In addition, he was a member of Dr. Creflo Dollar’s Ministerial Association in Atlanta, Georgia. Bishop Williams was the President and CEO of The Justice Potential and Motivation (JPM) Centre. The JPM Centre serves as an oasis for economic and social development in the City of Miami Gardens and its neighboring sectors. As a community development corporation, the Centre will emphasize on building cultural diversity, economic stability and moral presence within society; providing elderly housing, housing for at risk youth, enriched cultural and performing arts entertainment, recreation and more.


He was the Presiding Bishop and Overseer of Right Connection Association, which serves as a spiritual covering and apostolic networking association of ministers and business leaders. Bishop Williams was the President of ISWJR Ministries, founded as a ministry that infiltrates the world with the sincerity and simplicity of the Gospel of Christ Jesus. He was an overseer of a vast number of affiliate ministers and ministries under the direction of ISWJR Ministries and Right Connection Ministries, Inc. The teachings of Bishop Williams compelled all to elevate in their total man, (spirit, soul and body). He was known for his excellence through Christ Jesus and carried the title and nature of a Giant Gentleman with class, poise and power. This mighty man of God trained others to the glory of Almighty God and will forever be a mentor to all those that caught hold to his spirit, a brother to those that walk the straight and narrow path of righteousness and a true Servant of the Most High God. The vision of Bishop Williams will continue to be fulfilled through God’s appointed woman, Dr. Gloria Y. Williams, a Mother in Zion.

Dr. Gloria Williams, Senior Pastor is the Pastor and Co-Founder of Jesus People Ministries Church International Inc. located in Miami, Florida, and is the proud mother of one daughter, Richelle. Dr. Williams and her husband Bishop Isaiah S. Williams Jr. functioned together as strong representatives of God becoming a “Light” for all. A woman that walks in faith and higher education, Dr. Williams has a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Florida International University. She has received an honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree from “All Nations for Christ Institute International” previously affiliated with Oral Roberts University. Her administrative gifts and skills are an enhancement to the operational functions of the church which affords her an added perspective in ministry. The wisdom and knowledge of God is revealed through Dr. Gloria as she ministers “Principles of Faith” in a practical and everyday way. She truly blesses the body of Christ by speaking thought provoking and life changing revelations from God”s Word. DR. Williams challenges and encourages believers to develop and mature in their walk with the Lord. Deliverances are wrought as she ministers the Word in boldness, power, and grace. As she speaks believers are edified, built up, and equipped to do the work of the ministry. She has affectionately been deemed a “Christian Role Model”. Her dynamic Christian character has proven to be an asset to the Body of Christ. She enriches lives and provides a true example of a professional and virtuous believer. Williams promotes excellence in ministry and in the home; her faith will impact your life tremendously. Expect to be inspired and challenged by her messages.

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